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Doocit - Smart Remote Patient Monitoring

The New way to be connected to your patients

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Meet Doocit Dashboard

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3 Key Reasons Why You Need Doocit

Easy access to the patients' routine medical check-up data

Setting unique medical indicator ranges for patient-specific needs and goals

Sending  feedback messages directly to patients

Creating Patient Control System

Auto User-interaction

Immediate feedback, auto-saving, and quick access to your test logbook.

Personalized Care


Various Essential Tests

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All-in-One Dashboard!

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A broad and up-to-date picture of your patient.

What Doctors Say

"Doocit is a vital system for community medicine among medical providers. It improves customer service, saves time and resources, and provides economic benefits through telemedicine compensation. The system also helps manage risk groups better, reducing referrals to the emergency room and providing appropriate medical attention".
Prof. Joseph Leibowitz
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